Softheat Sauna Repairs

Information on the Repair Procedure of Infrared Saunas manufactured by


Please Note:

Our office will be closed from August 26 through September 26, 2023. If you need to reach us please send us an email at We will respond to your inquiry promptly.


An Important Note to our Customers

The service we provide will restore your sauna to original manufacturer's specifications. We perform necessary safety tests as set out by CSA, UL and CE to assure your continued personal safety while enjoying the use of your sauna.

There are a number of "direct" replacement electronic controller kits for your sauna available for sale on the internet market. Before you purchase any of these kits please ask the vendor for verifiable safety certificate information. Your safety may depend on it!


General Service Information

Following these instructions will ensure a quick and problem-free repair service.

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We also service other infrared sauna products not included in the list above. To inquire, please send an email with attached pictures of the keypad-controller panel and the power- distribution box (often located on top of the sauna). We will let you know if we can service your unit or try to refer you to another competent service facility.


Repair Detail Form

For your convenience a repair order form is provided. Please supply us with as much information as you can.

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SUNETTE Custom Infrared Sauna Kits

For do-it-yourself infrared sauna kit information please look at our short-form literature. Please contact us for additional information.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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Service information and replacement parts for these saunas appear to be unavailable. We developed a conversion kit to replace the existing electronic control components with a SUNETTE system. This conversion is more expensive than a repair but a repair is not possible. The quality of the wood used and workmanship employed in these saunas make the conversion viable. A quality sauna, useful for many years, will be the result. For the conversion instructions click here. Please contact us for additional technical and pricing information.


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